Driving lessons aren’t just for beginners. If you’re a Foreign Licence Holder, or just want to brush up your motorway or parking skills, I can help!

Manual Driving Lessons

If you’re looking to pass your practical driving test, then you’ll be looking for manual driving lessons.

Your Lessons will be

  • Focussed, with a definite aim and structure (not just driving around!)
  • Tailored to your particular needs and wishes
  • Relaxed, and conducted at a pace that suits you

I also go along as an observer with my clients on their test, allowing me to keep up-to-date on the latest test requirements — seeing what the examiners are looking for, and the routes you are likely to see on your practical driving test.


For Beginners

I have both manual and automatic cars — so I can start you off in the automatic while you learn the basics and build confidence – we then swap cars and add the gears and clutch when you’re ready. You’ll progress faster and may need fewer lessons overall, so why try to run before you can walk?

Be assured, you will actually be driving a car on your very first session!

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For the more Experienced

Haven’t driven for a while? Not feeling confident on the road? I can help you build both skills and confidence, so you can feel comfortable driving on faster roads such as dual-carriageways and motorways.

Many recent clients are full licence holders,  from different countries around the world, who need to pass the Practical Driving Test in order to gain a full UK Driving Licence. I myself first learned to drive outside of Europe, so can empathise with a driver having to adapt their skills to driving on the rather narrow and crowded roads we have here in the UK.

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Automatic Driving Lessons

Starting to drive in an Automatic means you have less to think about so you can build confidence and progress faster.

“No-gears no-tears,” as they say! Being able to forget about the gears and clutch lets you concentrate on the road and other road users.

I also start manual drivers in the automatic — so that they can progress to a manual car once their confidence and competence have had a chance to grow – this often means they need fewer lessons, saving both time and money.

Why try to run before you’ve learned to walk?

(Remember, if you pass a practical test in an automatic, your licence permits you to drive only automatic cars)

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yaris Automatic Driving Lessons

My new Automatic car – The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is easy and fun to drive!  – You’ll be on the road in no time.

Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus is a great way to take your driving to the next level. (You may also get a discount on your insurance!)

Consisting of six modules, the Pass Plus course covers driving:

  • in town
  • in all weathers
  • on rural roads
  • at night
  • on dual carriageways
  • on motorways

The course takes at least six hours, and I’m happy to do that in one intensive session if you prefer, just contact me and we’ll find a day that suits you.

After successfully finishing the course you’ll receive a certificate to go with the greater confidence you’ve developed on motorways, dual-carriageways, and in other potentially dangerous conditions.

Top Tip Some insurance providers offer a discount to Pass Plus certified drivers!

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For more information on Pass Plus, visit https://www.gov.uk/pass-plus

Advanced and Specialised Lessons

I offer a variety of advanced and specialised driving tuition to help you become a better, safer driver.

Advanced Driving Lessons

Good for those enthusiastic about driving, or those who know they have room to improve. Whichever, advanced driving lessons can help you reach your potential as a driver.

Defensive Driving

Means staying safe despite the actions of others on the road! Planning and Anticipation is vital in staying ahead of the game and avoiding dangerous situations.


New to driving in the UK? Perhaps used to driving on the other side of the road?
Getting comfortable with UK roads – both ancient and modern – may not be as challenging as you think.

Intensive Courses

While doing it all in one go might not suit everyone – it does take time and practice to build good driving habits – p’raps you just need to get that licence! Let me know your needs and we can discuss how to best fulfil them.

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