New driving test centre for Cambridge?

There are strong rumours that, in addition to the Cowley Rd and Chesterton Rd driving test centres, Cambridge learners might soon be able to take their  practical driving test from a third test centre at 25 St Neots Road, Hardwick
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB23 7QH

According to CAADI (Cambridge Association of Approved Driving Instructors), the Hardwick site, which has up till now been used for Motor Cycle riders tests, will soon be used for learner tests, as well as Part 2 and 3 tests for PDI’s (Potential Driving Instructors)


Further details of Cambridgeshire Driving Test Centres can  be found   HERE  on the  official website

The Daihatsu Charade Automatic

charade The Daihatsu Charade Automatic

Automatic Driving Lessons in Cambridge

An ideal little city-car, the Daihatsu Charade Automatic is also an ideal car in which to learn to drive.

Excellent all-round visibility and a tight turning-circle make it a very easy and fun car to handle.

You could be driving this little car on your very first automatic driving lesson in Cambridge…!


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charade2 The Daihatsu Charade Automatic


Foreign Licence Holders

If you need to get a full UK driving licence – contact us today!

Having himself learned to drive in Southern Africa before returning to the UK, Richard is able to appreciate the particular issues involved and be both patient and sympathetic to those who sometimes discover that driving on our very busy, crowded and narrow roads is not quite as easy at it looks!

tanja2 Foreign Licence Holders

This young lady holds a German Licence which is fully valid in the UK, but wanted a couple of hours of refresher lessons to become familiar with driving on, what was to her,  “the wrong side of the road!”

Many drivers from countries such as the USA, Iran, China, Japan, Slovakia, Poland, Finland, and Germany, have come to Kingsway Driving for driving lessons in Cambridge with DSA Approved Driving Instructor Richard King of Cambourne.

Some of them were learning to drive for the very first time, others had driven in their homeland and needed their UK Driving Licence, by passing the Practical Driving Test here in Cambridge, or just wanted to become more familiar with driving here in the UK.

Cheaper Insurance for Younger Drivers — Telematics?

Insurers are increasingly turning to driver monitoring technology, better known as telematics, to identify safe drivers and reward them with reduced car insurance prices.

Recent research from Allied Business Intelligence has revealed that Europe – the UK and Italy in particular – is leading the way in the provision of telematics technology, and that 44million Europeans are expected to have ‘black boxes’ fitted in our vehicles by 2017, with 89million similarly equipped worldwide.

How do you feel about this?  Would you be happy to have your driving monitored by a ‘blackbox’ if it meant your insurance was cheaper?

Take a look at how the system operates, the kind of motorists that stand to benefit and how other countries are using the technology — Read the full story here