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Terms and Conditions

For your sake and mine, here are some important notes

Money-back guarantee

If driving lessons which have been paid for in advance can not be provided by me, a refund will be given provided the customer is not willing to reschedule.


If you need to cancel a booked driving lesson, please let me know more than 24 hours in advance. Cancellation of driving lessons within 24 hours of the agreed time by the customer will be charged in full. Given due notice, however, all monies for driving lessons not taken is fully refundable.


Occasionally driving lessons are extended beyond the agreed duration if time allows, and in these cases there is no additional charge. When lesson duration is agreed to in advance, the appropriate rate will be charged as stated in the prices above.

Remote Locations

Locations beyond 15 miles from Cambourne are considered ‘remote.’ A fixed surcharge of £5.00 will apply for customers who are picked up from or dropped off at remote locations.

I regretfully cannot conduct regular driving lessons with customers who live in or will regularly be in remote locations. Please check my map if you are unsure.

Car Hire for Driving Test

I reserve the right to withhold the use of my training cars for your driving test if I think that you are not ready.

If you are not a ‘known’ student (i.e. you have not had driving lessons with me previously) I cannot be sure that you will not present a danger to yourself and other road users (and to my car) during your test.
For this reason I do not agree to just “hire a car for a test.”

I will normally only allow my training cars to be used for tests if the student has attended at least three or more driving lessons with me beforehand, and if I am sure that the student has a reasonable chance of passing the test.