Intensive Driving Courses

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I shall be conducting an intensive course of driving lessons in Cambridge this week, and wanted to take the opportunity to explain a bit about what this involves.

Intensive, or semi-intensive driving lessons are not for everyone! It often takes time to build good driving habits, so most people prefer to take a few lessons a week over an extended period.

But if you are in a hurry, or perhaps find it difficult to fit lessons into your normal schedule, an intensive course might be right for you.

Your driving instructor will probably want to see you driving for a couple of hours in order to assess whether or not an intensive course would suit you. It works best for someone who either has a natural affinity or talent for driving a car, or who perhaps has experience from previous driving lessons.

Giving an intensive course of driving lessons is always good business for the driving instructor (e.g. no lost, unpaid, time driving between customers), but it is you the customer who needs to be sure that it is the right choice for you!

If you think this might suit you — please ask me for an assessment drive so we can discuss further.

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