Foreign Licence Holders

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Having himself learned to drive in Southern Africa before returning to the UK, Richard is able to appreciate the particular issues involved and be both patient and sympathetic to those who sometimes discover that driving on our very busy, crowded and narrow roads is not quite as easy at it looks!

tanja2 Foreign Licence Holders

This young lady holds a German Licence which is fully valid in the UK, but wanted a couple of hours of refresher lessons to become familiar with driving on, what was to her,  “the wrong side of the road!”

Many drivers from countries such as the USA, Iran, China, Japan, Slovakia, Poland, Finland, and Germany, have come to Kingsway Driving for driving lessons in Cambridge with DSA Approved Driving Instructor Richard King of Cambourne.

Some of them were learning to drive for the very first time, others had driven in their homeland and needed their UK Driving Licence, by passing the Practical Driving Test here in Cambridge, or just wanted to become more familiar with driving here in the UK.

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